What is Reshape?

Reshaping leadership development from Alexandria to the rest of Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

Reshape exists to help you reach that potential.

Regardless of age, gender, nationality, or any other distinguisher, you have the potential and capability to be a leader. For some, it comes more natural. For others, it might take more intentionality. But whether it’s in your school, your workplace, your home, or your community, you can make a difference as a leader.

Discover our success in numbers. These key statistics showcase the impact we have made on our clients and the achievements we have accomplished:


Years of Experience

Since 2014, Reshape has been training up leaders through the use of sports and recreation.


Individuals Impacted Per Year

Every year, over 20,000 individuals are involved with Reshape in some manner, whether it be in one of our team-building events or in our sports programs.


School Partnerships

We have over 20 different schools with which we partner throughout the year, offering anything from Welcome Days to Teachers Days.


Major Sport Club Partnerships

We have successfully partnered with five of the major sports clubs in Alexandria to help them offer a different approach to sports training.

“We’ve had Reshape come in to work on leadership and team building, and it gives our middle school kids a great opportunity to practice those skills and learner profile traits!”

Kyle Teague

Athletic Director, Schutz American School

Reshape strives to strengthen communities and develop leaders by providing a unique and fun learning environment that builds the skills essential to successful leadership.

Reshape exists to provide unique and carefully designed teamwork, leadership, and personality development programs based on the experiential learning approach that emphasizes “learning by doing.”

Meet our founder

Ragy Isaac

CEO and Founder of Reshape

A former professional football player in both Egypt and Syria, Ragy has taken his love for sports and his passion for people and turned them into Reshape, a fulfillment of a longtime dream he has had to impact Alexandria, Egypt, and the Middle East by developing leaders marked by high character and integrity. Ragy has over 10 years of coaching experience, along with a Master’s degree in Sports Management to go along with many other degrees and certificates in related fields.

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